This is part of my T17 preview series, looking at the first raid in Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul.

See the overall post for links to all the bosses, and a general overview of the raid itself.


Kargath Bladefist is the first boss we meet in Highmaul, and a fun-looking encounter (i.e., one with lots of shit on the ground) it looks to be.


Read Icy-Veins’ overview.

Basic abilities:

  • Impale (tank swap)
  • Blade Dance (a rush; GTFO)
  • Berserker Rush (another rush on a specific target; everyone else GTFO)
  • Chain Hurl (he throws 5 closest members of┬áthe raid into the spectator’s stand; they fuck up some spectators while they’re there)
  • Fire Pillars (AOE tower of FLAMING SKULLS)
  • Ravenous Bloodmaw (which stay in pits (except on Mythic), and only attack people who fall in – which totes won’t be you, right?)

There are also some abilities of the spectators in the crowd, but kill Bileslingers and Bombers when you’re in the stand and you’ll be golden).

It’s appearing to be, on heroic and normal at least, a pretty straight-forward encounter providing you can stay out of crap on the ground, and you communicate effectively which group is going to hug the boss directly before Chain Hurl.

Take the boss close to Fire Pillars and he’ll cleave them down for you, and also kill them during his Beserker Rush (providing ranged players are on the other side of it).

All up, pretty simple.

Video overviews of Heroic mode:

Fatboss – YouTube

Syiler – YouTube

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Mythic overview:

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