It was discovered this week that if you summon a feline companion pet, target it, and /sit then the cat will climb into your lap and fall asleep.


A pretty simple effect, but one that wasn’t announced and instead was left to players discovering it for themselves. As should be expected, Twitter and Reddit exploded in delight.

It’s not entirely surprising – the effect is cute, unexpected, and everyone loves cats (and if not, they should naturally be burned).

What is surprising is that, for a moment, everyone seemed to forget all of the negativity that continues to float around the comment-sphere about the state of the game, and the shortcomings of Warlords of Draenor, and the miscommunications and broken promises from Blizzard, and instead gathered around this little nugget of whimsy of: digital cats will sit in your lap if you ask them to.

It doesn’t matter that Blizzard didn’t announce it as a feature – who knows how long it’s been in place, and until now they just hadn’t mentioned it? Perhaps it was coded in as a test and then left because they didn’t see it as being a huge deal, or didn’t think it suitable to bleat about a new mini-feature that would just give the trolls reason to bemoan the lack of raid tiers?

What matters is that there are still little joys to get out of the game.