So here is my traditional one-post-per-year on the eve of a new expansion, cos I keep forgetting I even have a blog (but this is the only place to put my thoughts in longer format).

Warlords of Draenor: started off so well (after starting off REALLY SHIT with the Garrison phasing issues), and ended up being so… meh.

Questing: amazing. The storylines were great, Tyrel is my queen, and the cinematics at the end of each zone really threw no punches when it came to embedding emotion into the questlines. So well done, in every zone (although I’m still not entirely sure wtf happened in Spires of Arak…)

Raiding: I didn’t go hardcore until late HFC, so barely saw most of the fights beyond first kills and then AFKing. I saw more of Highmaul than anywhere, and it was really fun; nicely diverse fights, nice use of mechanics, and fit the zone.

BRF seemed… ok? Having an indoor raid after a lovely outdoor one was a bit shit, but hey-ho — raids are meant to be delving into dungeons after all. I think of it so little I even wrote ‘BFC’ initially because I couldn’t remember its actual name. Yay! The train boss was great fun though, but it all came too soon after Highmaul’s launch; a bit more space would have made me hungrier for it.

HFC was amazing, even though I barely know the latter fights except for Archimonde; again, nice diverse bosses, fun mechanics. Sure, we ended up spending a year in the final tier *again*, but at least the raid itself was interesting.

Garrisons: a good idea really poorly executed. To blame? The devs for shoving too much into it, making it too central to all aspects of the expansion, to the point where people just gave up and spent 2 years playing Garrisoncraft. Cos fuck it, free gold right?