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10 Years – 10 Questions


The lovely Godmother has issued a blogging/vlogging/whatevering challenge for the 10 Year WoW Anniversary called 10 Years: 10 Questions.  Find out more here.

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?

At the time my brother (who lives in Australia) and I (living in the UK) were playing Guild Wars together; its one international zone, so we were able to – when both online together – muck about and enjoy each other’s company. Around the time BC came out, he’d signed up to WoW to check it out and told me to come join him. Neither of us were aware of the US/EU divide, and so I’d bought the game and rolled on an EU server, and went looking for him in the area he said he was in. When we couldn’t find each other, we realised what was up.

The reason why I *kept* playing despite no longer having anyone I know in-game was 1) I’d seen the South Park episode and wanted to get my character to talk (yes, I spent a good few days trying to figure this out – I couldn’t get his lips to move), and 2) the design of the characters was cartoony and fantasy-ish enough to be appealing.

2. What was the first ever character you rolled?

A dwarf (although this may be wrong, as I remember being around Northshire Abbey, but I also definitely remember being a dwarf – hey, it was a while ago!). Called Ironfeets. He was a warrior. I deleted him some time in mid-Wrath, but have sinced levelled another warrior, switched her to a male dwarf and renamed her to Ironfeets in tribute.

The first toon I ever really spent a lengthy amount of time on was my hunter Selleck (now called Stillwater and no longer a night elf with a big Tom Selleck-style moustache).

3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?

Whenever I played the original Warcraft 1 & 2, I’d always play human. Note: I *never* paid attention to any story detail or place name – I just always considered the Orc side to be the computer’s side, and when I could play as Orc I felt like I was cheating.

So when it came to playing WoW, Alliance was the only choice for me. I’m glad I did now since, although the Horde is so obviously favoured by Blizzard, Alliance is the one True faction – morally superior in all ways to the filthy, demonically-culpable Horde scum.

4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?

I was in the mighty Flea Circus of Ghostlands EU, and we’d been working on ICC forever. On normal modes, the Circus being a casual guild. But we finally made it to the Lich King. Zoning in and seeing him on his throne sent shivers down my spine.

5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?

Adventuring. I love raiding, don’t mind questing, like trying all manner of classes, and even dabbling in PVP – but give me a chance, I’ll run around exploring any area of Azeroth I can get into just to see what’s around. I’m not hugely into the lore, so placenames and such have never had great significance to me – I just like being a sticky beak and getting my nose into things.

6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?

I always feel at home in Grizzly Hills, but otherwise not really – I like Elwynn Forest (outside of Goldshire), and find it quite tranquil. Otherwise there are no zones that really draw me back.

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?

On Rel: 144 days.
On Rakiura (formerly Baym, my main in early Cata and latter Wrath): 36 days
On Ironfeets (formerly Rela): 22 days
On Atua (formerly Aotearoa, my PVP main in early Cata): 25 days
On Stillwater (formerly Selleck, my first ‘proper’ toon): 17 days

It doesn’t add up to very long – 244 days I guess – but I’ve been playing since the second week of BC, but quit after a couple of months til mid-Wrath. Since then, I’ve been subbbed continuously, playing a whole range of alts for varying lengths of time.

8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Sometimes. Definitely not when levelling my main on it first run through an expansion. I try on alts, but soon I become bored and just want to get to max level again.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

There are some things I wish I’d done differently, or people I’d wish I dealt with differently (positively and negatively), but regrets are pointless – there’s nothing I can change about it, and I like where I am *now*.

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

Running a raid team made me more confident (somewhat). It’s given me something to think about outside of work and the usual domestic stuff – I think some people would call that having a hobby 😉

I’ve met so many people – and in real life and all! Some that, while I don’t see them anymore, I still consider friends.

I’ve met people I will probably never see again, but having them in my life even briefly, and albeit virtually, enriched it.

I love WoW. Not just the game – which continues to amaze me – but the community, with its quiet positivity underneath the loud-mouthed complainers. It’s just a shitload of fun, even now.


I’ve been quiet the last few months. So quiet I even had one lovely twitter friend message me to see if I was still alive. I am, I’ve just been dodging curve balls thrown by life, and also ones I’ve thrown myself which have rebounded. Ive caught some and been bowled over by others.

I’m not in Harvest Moon anymore.  In fact Harvest Moon as a guild doesn’t exist; the guild is still there, with many of the same people, but it’s been renamed, has new leadership, and moved on without me. I got to the point of finally deciding if it gets to the stage where I’m thinking about leaving a guild I started and built, then perhaps I don’t deserve it anymore.

I achieved what I’d wanted with Harvest Moon; shown a limited-hours-a-week guild could progress, and build a decent guild on a very quiet server.

But in the end, the friendships I’d thought were there had changed or just weren’t what I thought they were. That’s fine; everyone has their own lives to live – including me.

So I’ve moved servers and joined a new guild and raid team where I can take very much of a back seat, relax and try and make sense of what I want from this game.

That’s where things get interesting, of course.

With Warlords of Draenor threatening to be so interesting I may pop, and with my own interests changing with the shadows, I’m still of infinite minds as to what I’ll do raid-wise. Obviously it’s a wider discussion to have with my team leaders, and make sure any decision I make suits us all.  Will I keep tanking? Or go easy-mode and play a ranged DPS? (shhh DPS, I’m – mostly – kidding!)

All I know is: I’ll enjoy WoD, I’ll find my place again, and in the meantime keep poking things to see if they squeak.

The day I almost ended it

Running a guild is hard. Running a raid team is harder. I knew this going into it, and I’ve never – really – regretted it. Well. Except for the entirety of November 2012.


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