I’m something of an alt-a-holic, although I certainly have characters I play more than others. Here’s a list of my current toons, in order of activity.

Level 100s

Rel – Blood / Frost DK. My goto tank, and my main throughout WotLK. I put her on ice for the first couple of months of Cataclysm, but she’s now firmly back at the top.

Stillwater – My first ever ‘real’ character (then named ‘Selleck’), born during the Burning Crusade, then deleted pre-Cata as I saw the upcoming changes to hunters in Cataclysm and wanted to reroll to learn it all properly. This I did from level 1, then once I hit 70-ish, had Selleck restored by a kindly GM and deleted the other hunter. Yes, I’m a bit weird…

Ironfeets – levelled purely as Prot (now with a half-arsed Arms spec that has worse DPS than a damp sponge).

Rakiura – my second level 80, and my main healbot through ICC. Also my first 85, and my main for about 3 months.

Relli – a warlock

Relbear – a monk

Taringa – a durid

Level 90-somethings

Atua – Rolled in mid-Wrath but levelled every-so-slowly. For a while, I played nothing but Shadow Priest PVP 4 months or so into Cataclysm, getting to the point where I was a formidable force in my own mind. Looking to gear this one back up and get into raiding as shadow.

Pakeha – A project in understanding shammies – levelled as resto/enhance, now resto/elemental but somewhat dormant while I try to find a place for her in my routine.

Bladevale – a rogue